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Tires 4 Less is locally owned and operated in Portland, Oregon.
We guarantee the best warranty and service policies in the tire industry and have incredible everyday prices and specials. Contact us today.

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-Install, warranty, disposal additional.
-Tread design may vary.
-No carry out please.
expires 28-Feb-2010

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$25 trade-in on old tires

Our Service Policy

• FREE Lifetime 4 Tire Rotations
• FREE Lifetime Flat Repairs
• FREE Air Checks
• FREE Warranty Replacement
   - Applies only to tires purchased from Tires 4 Less
   - Applies to all serviceable tires with over 2/32 of tread remaining
   - Tires that become unserviceable due to road hazard, workmanship,
      material defects, with over 2/32 of tread remaining with equivalent new tire.
      Proof of purchase required and being the original owner when requesting
      a warranty replacement.

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Tire Brands:


hercules tires

• HERCULES (preferred brand)
• Bridgestone   • Dean   • Dunlop   • Falken
• Federal   • Firestone   • Goodyear   • Hankook
• Kumho   • Merit   • Michelin   • Nexen   • Signet
• Vogue   • Westlake   • Yokohama


hercules tires

• HERCULES (preferred brand)
• Bridgestone   • Denman   • Dick Cepek   • Dirt Grip
• Dunlop   • Durango   • Falken   • Federal   
• Firestone   • Goodyear   • Hankook   • Kona
• Kumho   • Merit   • Michelin   • Mickey Thompson
• Nexen   • Signet   • Westlake   • Yokohoma

• American Eagle   • Boyd   • Centerline   • Cragar
• Donz   • Falken   • Forte   • Mickey Thompson
• Motegi   • Motto   • Primax   • Pro Comp

Consider Style and Safety when Buying Custom Tires

Tires are tires right? Wrong. Not all tires are alike. Custom tires can give your vehicle a unique look but they can also increase speed and safety. However, it is important that you speak with professionals when considering what kind of tire to buy.

When buying tires you must consider their purpose and your location. Will you be using these tires for daily use? If you do not use the correct tires... more